Livis is skilled in civil engineering and construction across a wide range of sectors and industries characterised by safety-critical, challenging environments, tight working windows, public interface or hazardous conditions. Our sectors of experience include Transport, Water, Power and Ports and Harbours. Within each sector, we can work above and below ground – with each environment bringing its own, unique challenges.


Road. Rail. Air. Transport is the lifeblood of the UK’s infrastructure – and if it breaks down, the country can grind to a halt. On-time construction and maintenance of the transport network is, therefore, essential, and requires the highest levels of civil engineering expertise and precision planning – levels that Livis possesses, thanks to our experience.  Working in every environment from London Underground station platforms to airports, we ensure that quality works are completed without delays or impacts on the wider network.


Keeping water flowing to and from the homes and businesses of Britain demands regular, quality civil engineering and construction works. The complex, high-risk nature of the environments involved means that specialist skills and expertise must be deployed. Our trained, qualified site staff – supported by our in-house project management teams – have these skills and expertise, and excel in performing construction and repair works in essential water distribution environments, ensuring that projects are completed on time, every time – all to keep water flowing.


From generation to distribution, the UK’s power network is vital to the running of the country – meaning that any delays or faults in civil engineering and construction works can have catastrophic consequences. That is why Livis has the knowledge and skills to perform works of the highest quality in the most challenging energy environments, such as nuclear power stations. Our certified, professionally managed projects are rigorously performed to minimise downtime and disruption, and deliver a high-quality result, in turn keeping Britain continuously powered.

Ports and Harbours

For trade and transportation, imports and exports, harbours are critical to the prosperity of our island nation. They also carry their own unique challenges in terms of marine and dockside civil engineering and construction. In an environment where every minute of downtime can have significant cost implications, Livis specialises in completing quality works in quick turnaround times. Our planning abilities, dedicated project management and trained on-site teams enable us to deliver this, helping to keep the UK’s ports and harbours open for business.


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