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Civil Engineering

Bond Street

Bond Street is a London Underground and future Crossrail station located on Oxford Street, near the junction with New Bond Street.
1. Barrier with Train

Livis undertook the installation of the Livis Safety Barrier System on the North bound and South bound platforms at   Bond Street. The purpose of the barrier was to allow contractors to work safely on the platforms behind the barrier, while trains run through the station during the upgrade works 24/7, for a   period of 5 months. As the barrier will be in place for this length of time, it has been anchored to the platform surface with bolts and brackets, rather than using the innovative vacuum system. Weekly visual inspections were carried out along with monthly maintenance visits to check performance.

During the time the Livis barrier was in place at Bond Street, Livis were appointed to work behind the barrier to install 2no platform humps for step free access to trains. The works were carried out during traffic, engineering and possession hours on a restrictive programme. All materials were lifted down an existing lift shaft at the end of the platforms and manually handled to the works locations.

The existing platform was shot blasted and broken out where necessary in preparation to receive the new surface. The humps were built up using reinforced concrete. Due to the nature of the works the Livis barrier had to be moved and re-fixed on both platforms to allow for the new levels as the humps were being installed.

After curing of the concrete, operatives laid new terrazzo floor tiles and ceramic tactiles to both humps and ramps during traffic hours and a possession. The Livis barrier was subsequently removed from site at the end of the 2nd possession and platforms handed back.

2. 2014-11-16 16.05.28  3. 2014-11-16 12.48.50  4. IMG_0279

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1. Barrier with Train


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