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Beckton Station


Beckton is the eastern terminus of the Beckton branch of the Docklands Light Railway  (DLR) in the  Docklands area of east London. The DLR branch from Poplar was opened on 28 March 1994.

The Beckton branch of the DLR is unusual, in that it has more frequent trains off-peak than it does during peak hours. This is because during peak hours, all trains from Stratford International go to Woolwich Arsenal.

Our works involved the full upgrade to the existing station concourse area whilst maintaining full use of the station. The site was bounded on all sides by restrictive access.

Works involved the removal of existing block paving to paved areas and access ramp, removal and replacement of stair treads and risers, extension to the concourse area, reduction in height of brick clad RC walls with replacement glazed brickwork cladding, removal of existing Perspex balustrade panels and replacement with new stainless steel perforated panels, removal and enhancement to the handrails to the ramp and staircases. The construction of permeable paving blocks to the main concourse area and replacement of paving to the access ramp. New lighting services were incorporated along with new Station signage and drainage. The full removal of a section of the RC retaining wall and reconstruction of same and finally removal of and replacement with new street furniture, cycle shed and upgrading of landscaping. Due to the requirement of full use of station throughout the project the works were split into 3 phases.

Phase I – Installation of temporary DDA compliant access ramp taking up 50% of the site

Phase II – The works included the removal and extension of paved area to permeable paving and temporary removal and replacement of existing steel cycle shelter. Reduction in height of centre spine wall to permanent access ramp including removal of brick cladding and coping stones. The removal and upgrade to stair treads and risers, removal of balustrade panels to ramp and platform area and replacement with stainless steel perforated panels. Installation of new lighting  columns and associated ducting to lighting columns and station signage. Reinstatement of copings to spine wall and new brick cladding to ramp and stair walls with coloured glazed brickwork.

Phase III – Opening up of permanent ramp and stairs to public, prior to removal of temporary ramp, removal of defective retaining wall and replacement with new structure, completion of lighting columns and signage installations and removal and replacement of paved area to permeable paving and stairs and renewal of handrails and balustrade panels.

2. Broken out     4. Phase 3 - Beckton

3. Temp Ramp    5. Beckton - Block Paving

6. Beckton Ramp      7. Beckton Steps & Column posts

The imposed access restrictions required all materials to be delivered in small loads. The upgraded station is assisting in the regeneration of the locality and improves access routes to the DLR transport network.

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8. Beckton Complete


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